Should you go for website redesign or realign?

The internet is evolving at a rapid pace, many website owners ask for a redesign, but they have no idea that it can be wasteful. Sometimes, realign is more appropriate for their situation.

What is website redesign & website realign?

When you are looking for website redesign, you’re asking your web designer to design your website again. Most of the time, your page layout and features would be totally different after the website redesign. Very often, I think website realign should be the way to go. Website realign is the incremental changes over time which aims to achieve specific business goals. It should be done with various tests, e.g. usability test, so you can make informed decision on how to refine your website look and features with supporting data.

The reasons behind redesign

Some websites were designed a long time ago, and their web design companies didn't pay much attention to web standard in the old days, which makes their websites very difficult for search engines to crawl. A simple realign can't get the job done. This kind of websites needs to be built from scratch. Comparatively, the incremental changes from realign are based on user feedback, so the design style may be inconsistent throughout the whole site. And there are features added or removed, so the files will become bloated, which increases page loading time and makes the website harder to maintain. For this reason, occasional redesign is necessary.

The reasons behind realign

Some websites don't suffer from bad coding, they only have old-fashioned design style or not user-friendly, it is wasteful to throw everything away and start over. Some people think web design is hit-or-miss, but it is not true. The real work has only started after a website launched. The website owner should work with the web designer to decide how to improve the conversion rate of the website. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to afford a usability test. With correct setting and professionals, you can definitely run a test at around HK$1200, or even cheaper (depends on your goal and setting). For example, which button should you use for the landing page, red or orange? You can run a simple A/B test to see which one have a higher conversion rate. Why didn't you get enough enquiries from the contact page? You can run a usability test to see how users interact with your site. With all those test results, you and your web designer don’t have to guess on your users’ behavior. If you decide to have a company website, you should test your website frequently to make it better. It’s like a retail store, the store owner keeps track of all the stock, if a product sells well, he/she would stock more.

Final word

I wish this article can help your business. As a website owner, you should remember the following: 1. Talk to your web designer, he/she may have some advice for your site. 2. Test often, data tells you the truth and helps you to achieve your goal sooner.