Hiring Web Design Company Isn’t Just About Price

You’re running your own business, I am sure that profit making is utmost important, so no web design company is trying to lose money. You may think why there is a company charges you a few thousands while another company charges you only a few hundred bucks. What is the catch in there? How can you avoid those pitfalls?

Why some web design companies cost you less?

They charge you less because they offer you less. You may be confused how they can offer you less when you still get a website on hand, right?

Not really! Hiring a web design company is like buying a car, there are cheap ones and expensive ones. They have different prices because of materials, number of tests taken, the degree you can customize it, technology, and reputation. You want to have a company website because you know marketing plays an important role in business world, so don’t take it as an expense, try to treat it as an investment.

What factors should you consider?

These factors should be considered when you’re looking for a web design company:

  1. Price
  2. Technology
  3. Design
  4. Usability and User Experience
  5. Company Reputation


Hiring web design company is not just about price, but you should set a project budget first, make sure you can afford it. Don’t fool yourself by saying as cheap as possible; it only leads you to mediocre company. For those who do not have an idea of how much a website cost, I would suggest you to set the budget at around HK$8000 or above if you are looking for tailor-made website supported by its own content management system.


Are they using the latest technology? Is there any feature you want on your website? Do your pages load fast enough? On Google, an increase in page load time from 0.4 second to 0.9 second decreases traffic and ad revenue by 20%. For Amazon, every 100 millisecond increase in load time decreases sales volume by 1%. Your visitors may not notice the exact difference, but they will respond to it subconsciously.

Web Design

Does their design look great? Does it meet the web standard? Some people claimed that design is subjective, however it isn’t entirely true. Web design is more than the look (I have talked about it before on how Amazon solve their problem nicely). Instead, it is a problem-solving process. Racing with your competitors on a road full of obstacles, ranking no.1 on search engines will win you 40% of traffic. That’s why a search-engine-friendly website is essential for your success.

Usability and User Experience

iPhone is the best example to illustrate why usability and user experience matter. Personally, I am using Android phone, I like how Google provide user more choices. Yet I still have to admit that iPhone is easier and user-friendly for normal people. Whether you agree with my analogy, you know that ease of use is necessary. Have you ever felt that your DVD Player remote has too many buttons? And I bet there are 2 or more buttons that you have never used. Therefore, look for a web design company who makes a website easy to navigate while it’s fun to use it.

Company Reputation

It may be easy to count how many websites a web design company made, but it is certainly not a wise approach. If you want a great web design company, you should look for their client testimonials, which is absolutely important, because a client who is willing to spend time to write a testimonial means he/she is satisfied with the web design company service. There are web design companies who have a lot of websites done, but you don’t see a single testimonial in their portfolio. Why? Since they only focus on quantity. I despise their principle; they treat you like you are just another number for them.

Final Word

We have gone through a lot in this post. I hope you can find a suitable web design company for your business, whether you are setting up a new site or having your website redesign. If you like my post, feel free to leave a comment and share it on Facebook. If you need consultation on web design service, please don’t hesitate to contact me.