What Amazon.com Teach You about e-Business

You may have heard how awesome Amazon.com is but you haven’t thought about why it is so good that tons of small and medium enterprises want to copy Amazon.com. Today we’re going to analyze it and see what we can do for your websites.

Discover the goal of your page

People judge a book by its cover, that’s why Amazon put all those colourful book cover images on their homepage. They know what they can offer and what their customers are looking for. Most people visit their site for books. By featuring the new kindle touch, they have drawn those customers’ attention a step further. Selling kindle is a smart move; they can certainly sell more e-books later.

How does it relate to your business? You have to find out what your visitors want and what you can offer them. Write down the primary goal and secondary goal for your homepage. If you have several solutions for your visitors, offer the best on your homepage.

Appearance matters

They have a memorable logo. The orange arrow points from A to Z; represents they sell things from A to Z (which means they have everything!). Orange is a joyful colour; and with a smiling mouth, it represents how serious they are about customer experience.

When your visitors land on your homepage, they judge you and your business by looking at the logo, layout, and colour. They are going to ask the following questions: Are you serious about your business? How is your expertise? Are you trustworthy, competent, likeable and confident? Yet among everything else, only appearance matters. Only if they feel everything looks pleasant, which is crucial, they will contact you or even buy your products/services. Yes, you’re right, it is unfair. You put lot of hard work on your business, how dare they judge you by appearance. Remember most of the time, buying is emotional. Once we feel right, we start looking for reasons.

Web Design is more than the look

Many times, people come to us and say “I want my website looks like Amazon (Amazon, Apple or their competitors)”. First, the look of Amazon isn’t that great, it is famous due to a lot of factors; extraordinary customer service plays a significant role.

Second, they spend time and money to study their customers’ behaviour; how do they find a book? Search? Browse category? Check recommendation? Which button do they click? (Academically known as User Case Maps or User Flow Chart which simply shows how users achieve their goals step by step). Usability test also helps them to figure out how and what makes visitors click and turn into customers.

Third, they pay attention to the content. Go to Amazon and see how much information they provide for a book: book cover image, table of content, sample page, book description, editorial reviews, publisher, publication date, paperback/hardcover, number of pages, language, ISBN, product dimensions, shipping weight, average customer review(rating), Amazon best sellers rank and customer reviews. You can get more information on their site than visiting a bookstore. You know how serious they are.

As my previous post mentioned, “Content is King”, from there you understand the importance of site content (link to last post). However, I haven’t mentioned “Design is Queen” in that post. Information Architecture (a.k.a. IA, a fancy name which means how we organize website and label navigation) is one of the important aspects of web design. In other words, you would want your site content well-organized and using words that your users would use, just like you would hear me saying “organizing content” instead of IA, because people who are not working in our industry don’t know what IA means.

The business of Amazon teaches us so much. Do you see the strength and weakness of Amazon website? Don’t be shy, leave your comment below and tell me what you think. Stay tune!